Orange - Citrus

JMB Exporters is one of the largest exporter of Citrus Export. We have a record of 19000 Metric Ton back in 2004.

Citrus cultivars are grown in varying quantities in countries with tropical or sub tropical climate. Citrus stands first in area and production among the worlds tree fruits. In Pakistan also, citrus fruits are the most important fruit crops grown on the area of 160,000 hectares with production of 1.5 MMT annually. Citrus fruit is grown in all four provinces of Pakistan but Punjab produces over 95% of the crop because of its greater population, favorable growing conditions and adequate water. Citrus is divided into different groups Sweet oranges, Mandarine, Grape fruit, Lemon and Lime which are being grown commercially. Pakistan has several varieties of Citrus Fruit, in addition to the popularity known as Kinnow (a Variety of Mandarin of easy peel) all of which may interest importers in Asia and Europe. We have four Products of Citrus.

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Mango (Mangifera indica L Family Anacardiaceae) is the second major fruit crop in Pakistan. JMB is Exporting Mango to World markets

This delicious fruit is nutritionally superior, source of several vitamins and minerals. Pakistan produces 5.86 percent world's mangoes being the third largest producer. Its export is progressing resulting into substantial foreign exchange earnings. Mango export including Middle East has also found its way to the UK and other European markets. It is believed that the demand would rise to as high as 50 percent given the right impetus and expanding the export to Germany, Japan China and Hong Kong.